1. Director
    Mr. Dung LeVan
    Phone: +84. 985 792 255
2. Deputy Director
    Mr. Nguyen Thanh Phong
    ĐT: +84. 974 426 594

With the aspiration to pioneer and the investment - sustainable development strategy, with outstanding efforts, OGS is striving to become a strong industrial company and always at the forefront in the field of mechanical engineering and maintenance. Affirming OGS's position and capacity with the growth rate of large domestic and international projects, rapid growth in revenue in a short time and sustainable development in the future.

* For the market
By applying typical manufacturing equipment such as ballast machine, cylindrical shell with large thickness, OGS company actively contributes to the manufacture of products in Vietnam's heavy industry, actively supporting other heavy industrial enterprises create "made in Vietnam" products for export around the world.

* For partner
Giving prominence the spirit of cooperation for mutual development; commitment to become "Number 1 Companion" of partners; always increasing attractive and sustainable investment values.

* For employees
Building a professional, dynamic, creative and humane working environment; create high income conditions and equal development opportunities for all employees.

* For society

Harmonizing corporate interests with social interests; contribute positively to community-oriented activities, demonstrate the sense of civic responsibility and national pride.

* Prestige
OGS protects its Prestige as its own honor; Always prepare full capacity for implementation and do our best to ensure compliance with commitments.

* Heart

OGS Company puts the word Heart as the foundation; Always comply with the law, maintain morality; Customer centricity.

* Vision
Build a strong OGS company, affirming its domestic and regional level and position in the field of heavy industrial manufacturing.

Customers are the fundamental value of any business, the only reason for the business to exist and grow. The "customer-centric" policy guides the company's activities. We listen, analyze and understand the needs of each customer and apply our experience, skills, and thinking to optimally address those needs, helping business owners focus on business activities. Each customer is a building block of corporate value.

Analysis & focus on global market
Make use of operating and capital efficiency.
Invest in core competencies, infrastructure and industrial technology.
Attract, maintain, develop and integrate core businesses.
Build long-term partnerships around the world.
Expand core capabilities and invest in different regions across the globe.
Take advantage of business model with full effect to create and sustain OGS
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