Capacity & Experience

  Capacity & Experience
Currently, OGS has more than 350 employees with professional competencies, high skills, extensive experience training through international business environments, well-trained and world's leading registry companies. issuing certificates of safety and quality ... This is a team of enthusiastic employees. They have been and are a valuable asset and human resource, decisive to the development of OGS. From direct employees to managers, all of them are united, dynamic, creative, professional and full of enthusiasm for the job. They, with the characteristics of the service, have each day made the OGS brand today.

OGS One Member Limited Company with years of experience in the business fields of pressure tank fabrication, piping, steel composition and domestic-international oil and gas maintenance services. With existing strengths in fabrication equipment such as Shell Rolling and Head Forming machines for steel plates thicker than 100mm. And the strength of Quality Management System ISO 9001 and ASME, Safety Management System - Health - Environment (ISO 45001, ISO 14001), we have implemented many domestic and international projects through customers such as Doosan Vina, Technip, HiapSeng Engineering, PTSC, JGCS, PEC, Hoa Phat steel, Samsung E&C,...

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